Our History

From 1995 - Present

Cross-ing the World was born in 1995 with the idea of sharing God’s love and providing peace for those in need. We began our journey at various pop-up shows, fairs, gift shops, and churches across Southern California. From there, our crosses headed to the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and the Alamo in San Antonio, TX. We then saw our crosses heading across the world in care packages to Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Along our journey, one of our first missionary clients Angelo Paul Ramunni authored the book "Pocket Cross Miracles", containing encouraging stories and accounts of miracles from the people he provided our prayer crosses to over the years.

These stories are a testament to the power of the stone prayer cross. To highlight the impact our crosses have made on people, we have included a few testimonials from Paul's book on our Testimonials page.


About the Artist

Joey Bebar

Fine Artist, Stone Mason

A Master Artisan in creative stone cutting, utilizing “old school” methods and tools to make inventive and unique works of Art. Each piece is individually handcrafted, highlighting the beauty of the stone.

Born in London, England and raised in Bishop, California, the now Joshua Tree based artist comes from a family of Engineers and Pilots.

As a young boy, he followed his father on the highest ski slopes in Mammoth and fell in love with the mountains and the outdoors. His father was tragically killed in the Union Carbide Tungsten mines in 1973, which ultimately brought him and his family to the Coachella Valley.